Works of Nature

Works of Nature 590 372 Surfography


JUNE 22, 2018

Not a day goes by that we’re not bedazzled by her beauty. Be it sun, rain, snow or hail, day, night, dawn or dusk. She paints her world with the most spectacular art. Always.

This trip was one of the most unforgettable trips so far. We started off from the central atolls cruising our way down to Laamu atoll and back to where we started. During the trip we woke up to amazing sunrises where the skies were painted with every color a human eye can possibly see. Its was not only the skies that was stunning but the swell we had on the second day of the trip was another surprise that lasted till the end of our 7 days of surfing.

It’s true that the beauty of nature cannot be bought, but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy every single bit of her many wonders, preferably with a friggin cold beer in hand.  

Rising up for the drama
The Machines
The unridden
End of a day
Tide effect