Under the Bridge

Under the Bridge 590 372 Surfography


FEBRUARY 02, 2018

We’ve been going spearfishing with these guys for a long time. South eastern corner of Male’ city is always the place if you’re looking for a catch. Usually the great giant trevally. Spearfishing has been banned in the Maldives since the late seventies but today,  a lot of young people are taking the risk of partaking in the trend of freediving and spearfishing.

For the past two years the bridge construction area was off limits for surfers and fishermen due to the construction of Male’ – Hulhumale’ bridge. That means the fish had a lot of time to breed in peace. We got in the water before the sun came out without too many people noticing. The area was just like we thought it would be. Plenty of GT’s and mountains of metal debris from the bridge construction.

We spent about two hours going swimming along the currents and got plenty of GT’s. It was a good day for fishing but it was pretty sad to see the devastation caused to the area. On a happier note everybody had a catch to take back home.

Need a breath
Into the depths
Follow the pray
Between the surface
Team work
Where did the fish go?
Time to eat