King “Small” Ali

King “Small” Ali 590 372 Surfography


APRIL 08, 2019

Ali Khushruwan locally known as “Kuda Ayya” is one of the most renowned bodyboarders in the country. The meaning of the dhivehi word “Kuda” is small or little and if we’re to judge him just by the name we’ll all be but very wrong. Ofcourse, there was a time when he was as little as the name suggests and would run home to the sound of massive waves breaking at his home break in Male’ City, but that was only when he was small.

Today, Ayya is anything but small, he is one of the biggest and most famous names in the body boarding community and the country. He does huge inverts, barrel rolls, cutbacks and pulls into massive barrels which led him into the top of  the bodyboarding scene in the Maldives and Asia. Ali has been an inspiration to many youngsters that have taken up bodyboarding and has been at the forefront of youth development of bodyboarding in all parts of the country.

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Almost there
He made it. Seriously!
Bottom Turn
Kuda ayya going back to the boat with his clients after a surf session
Surf, Surf, Surf. Thats work!